Meet Cate

Cate Ashby is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) in California and New Mexico and a clinical interventionist. She holds a Master’s degree in counseling from the College of Santa Fe. Cate specializes in counseling individuals and families impacted by addiction, abuse and trauma. She works in a variety of capacities:

  • Substance Abuse Interventions
  • Workshops focusing on addiction for families, individuals and places of employment
  • Counseling for both individuals, couples and family members
  • Groups featuring the Daring Way™ Curriculum created by Brené Brown, PhD

With a passion for working with families and a background in family systems theory, Cate believes that people addicted to substances or who are engaging in unhealthy dependencies should not be blamed for the entire family or group’s problems. This only leads to resentment and compounding shame on the part of the addict, who often already feel bound by their shame. Addiction is a family disease and chances for the addict to improve are greatly enhanced if family members are dedicated to improving their own lives, which, in turn, improves family life and the life of the addict. Those who have worked in addictions know that family support is a significant factor in an addict’s sobriety; however, addiction research has largely ignored the role of the family in recovery.


  • Families and Substance Abuse
  • Substance Abuse Assessment, Evaluation and Treatment
  • Effects of Drug Abuse
  • Seeking Safety-treating people with substance abuse and PTSD
  • CRAFT-Community Reinforcement and Family Therapy
  • Systemic Family Intervention technique with Wayne Raiter and Heather Hayes
  • Change Institute-Invitation2Change Method with Brad Lamm
  • Field Model of Intervention with Jane Eigner Mintz
  • Brainspotting Phase 1 and 2 with Lisa Schwarz and Ron Schwenkler,
  • Master Brainspotting Intensive and advanced-level training with creator Dr. David Grand
  • The Daring Way with Dr. Brene Brown, PhD
  • Conferences:
  • Moment of Change 2009
  • 12th International Conference on Treatment of Addictive Behaviors 2010
  • Dual Diagnosis: Holistic Treatment of Substance Abuse
  • Thesis: Systemic Family Interventions and Long-Term Sobriety