Innovative Family Services

Compassionate Interventions, Family Workshops, Individual and Family Consultations for families, friends and coworkers impacted by addiction, codependency and process addictions such as love/sex/relationship addiction and gambling.

You have probably heard the over and over again that addiction is a family disease. Unfortunately, addiction can negatively impact a family’s sanity, finances and relationships. The story is a common one: an addict is surrounded by people who love and care about him or her, but no one can seem to make any changes.

Maybe you’ve seen the TV show, “Intervention”. This is a type of intervention, called the Johnson Method of Intervention, was created in the 1960s. At Innovative Family Services, our approach to intervention is different. The technique practiced is a family intervention emphasizing compassion and solutions rather than shame and blame.

We encourage the family to invite their loved ones, including the addict, to an honest and educational family workshop hosted by Innovative Family Services. It may sound strange but it has been shown to be more effective than just surprising the addict. So called “surprise” interventions have shown in studies to be effective in getting the addict to enter treatment, but without focus on healing the whole picture, the family shows no improvement and addicts often enter treatment resentful that their families “forced” them to enter rehabilitation and are therefore reluctant to do the work that is required to improve their lives. Often this leads to leaving treatment early and delayed recovery or worse. IFS helps to educate families and friends about how to make real and lasting changes in their lives and the life of the addict.

Helping a loved one who is addicted is difficult to do alone. If you’re ready to make changes for yourself and your addicted loved one, call us today to see if Innovative Family Services is right for you.

IFS is located in Santa Fe, NM, but services are available worldwide.

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